Manager Bonding and Recognitions!
November 26, 2012

Hey Everyone, I was recently in Cincinnati with my team and we had a great 2 days of team building and training.  We went bowling the first day and had a blast!  We mixed up the teams and had some of our self storage managers from our Southeastern district play against the Mid-west managers.  What a fantastic way for everyone to better connect with each other and to have some friendly competition at the same time.  It was funny to see how competitive some of the managers were with one other.  No wonder they run their stores so successfully!  They are true die hards when it comes to achieving their goals and it certainly showed at the bowling alley! Who would have ever thought bowling could be so fun!

After bowling we headed to dinner and we sat at the largest table I've ever seen.  It was cool as we were all able to see each other in a more intimate way.  Before dinner I had each of the self storage managers tell us something unique about themselves.  I wanted them to share something we may not have already known about them.  Wow, did I learn a lot from this.  We sure do have some unique and risk taking managers!  One of the managers in our southeastern district said she was a motor cross driver.  Yes, she races motorcycles and is one of the best in her district.  She said that she usually wins or at least comes in on the top three!  Another self storage manager couple said that they put about 20,000 miles a year on their motorcycle.  They like to take weekend trips and also take road trips on their vacations.  They are very passionate about it.  Another manager shared that they have completed marathons and have also competed in other races as well. There were several great stories to hear.  I actually felt a little boring after hearing some of the experiences and passions from my managers.

The following day we gathered for several hours of training and also recognized our managers for a job well done!  It is an honor to run a self storage management company with such amazing people.  The award recognitions were well received and the managers felt appreciated and part of an organization that cares about their people - which we really do!  The most important ASSET to our self storage facilities are the managers!  They are the ones on the front line everyday and interface with our customers.  We are coming off our best year ever and we give props to our incredible team of managers!!!