What Differentiates Us

Through our company philosophy of continual and never-ending improvement we have positioned ourselves to outcompete the competition.   This is accomplished through a concentrated focus on the key performance indicators of the business, so we can continually adapt and make the necessary improvements to soar to the top of the marketplace.  Below are seven key areas of the business we focus on to gain economic occupancy, improve profitability, and become the leader in the market.   These key areas are as follows:

Operational Team
the manager of a self-storage operation is the biggest asset to the success of the store!  We recruit and hire managers that are enthusiastic, charismatic, customer service driven with a great attitude!  WE hire for attitude and train for skills.  In addition, through an extensive evaluation process we have discovered the key personality characteristics that separate high-level managers from average managers.

we believe that product knowledge is customer service!  As a self-storage consulting company we have discovered that most self-storage operators have an inadequate training program.  Even if they hire a great manager they will most likely fail with a lack of training.  We pride ourselves on having a formal on-going training program that will teach, grow, and continually develop our operational team.  This has helped us create the consistency needed to take our stores to the top of the marketplace. 

as a self-storage management company we realize it is not always easy for our operational team to follow through with all of the details needed to make our stores as successful as we’d like.  Because of this we have created an atmosphere of discipline and accountability with our people.  Through our monthly audit program and systems tracking we have a program that delivers instant feedback to our team.    This has helped us all to march down the same road to success while maximizing the key performance indicators of the business.  

Sales Program
we pride ourselves on building value and trust with each and every customer we come into contact with.  Through our extensive sales process we have equipped our managers to maximize each and every call coming into their stores.  We track our results very closely so we can continually improve on creating customer visits to our stores.  We have also optimized our lead generation through our Internet, phone, and walk-in customer leads.  The self-storage customer wants to work with people that they like, trust, and have earned the right to their business!  In addition, our managers have an ability to turn customer objections into rentals, while selling the differential advantages of their store!

Maximize Your Marketing
we believe success in the self-storage industry will be contingent upon how strong your marketing program becomes.  It must be a blend of your Internet and outreach marketing efforts.  We continually track our results and make the necessary improvements to help decide where to spend our time, money, and energy.  Every market and demographic is unique and the tracking results help us to maximize our marketing dollars and achieve an optimal return on investment.   

Higher Productivity
we have found over the years that we must create an atmosphere of higher productivity for our people.  The greatest asset we have are the people within the organization.  Through hard work and proper change we have developed a recognition and incentive program that works.  We recognize our people for great performance, while setting clear-cut goals in all of the key performance indicators of the business.

Continual & Never Ending Improvement
In today’s competitive marketplace we must be open to change, as well as never ending improvement.  There are over 50,000 self-storage locations in the US and many markets have become over built.  WE recognize that our customer has plenty of choices.  Through our company culture of learning and flexibility to change, we have become stronger and more successful in most aspects of our operations. 

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