Sales Training

The biggest asset of a self-storage operation is the manager and the most powerful tool available to them is the phone.  The average customer will call 4-5 locations before they will make a decision.  They have plenty of choices and in most cases they are making an informed decision.  In other words, they are doing their homework.   Over 80% of the time, the first action a customer takes is to call the store.  Over 90% of these customers will follow-up with an action.  In other words, the self-storage customer has a need and will fill this need with either you or with someone else.  The industry statistics also tell us that the average self-storage operator only converts approximately 25% of their callers into customers.  The same statistics tell us that if a customer physically visits a store, they rent a unit over 85% of the time.  What does this tell us?  This confirms that as an industry we are not doing a very good job with taking the potential customer from the phone call into becoming an actual customer.  In addition, the statistics tell us that if we get the customer to the store, they rent a unit almost every time.  This  information is vital as it opens our eyes to the realization that we need to train, equip, and develop our operational team to maximize every call that comes into the store.  This will lead to a much better sales presentation and will optimize our ability to set more appointments and rent additional storage space.   At Advantage Consulting & Management, we offer Sales Training Programs that are second to none.  Brad North, our Founder, is the leading sales trainer in the self-storage industry and has helped thousands of operators maximize their sales program.  Through an intensive sales training workshop, Brad will teach better ways to educate, build value, and earn trust with your customer.  Through this hands-on interactive process you will learn how to turn customer objections into rentals.  In addition, you will learn how to sell your differential advantages to help set yourself apart from the competition.  Brad also teaches selling techniques to create more customer visits to your store and how this leads to additional storage rentals as well.  He is an expert on teaching better ways to master the sales presentation to help build value and trust with your customer.  He believes in a conversational style of selling to engage the customer through the entire selling process.  Brad believes you must “know your competition better than they know themselves” and that this will give you confidence in knowing your unique advantages and how to present them to the customer.  In this interactive workshop you will also learn how to customize your sales presentation to better meet the needs of the customer you are talking too.  Brad will show you ways of doing this by teaching you how to do a 5-minute phone sales presentation that will lead to a customer appointment almost every time.   

Brad will also teach you ways of tracking and measuring the key performance indicators of your sales program that will give you vital information to make on-going improvements .  Brad believes that, “if you are not tracking it, how can you improve on it?”  This portion of the workshop will open your eyes to how powerful it is to track the right information and how this will enable you to take your sales program to greater heights.    

Lastly, in this powerful workshop you will learn how to develop and implement a lead generation program that will take your success to the top of the marketplace.  Brad will teach the systems he is using in his own stores that have helped them become the price leader in most of their markets.  He believes you must always have a pipeline of customers to reach out to and this can be accomplished through an effective lead generation program.  He will teach ways of always being able to obtain a customer’s name and number when calling into the store and how to convert this into a rental the majority of the time.  In addition, you will also learn how to develop a powerful program that will provide the consistency needed to follow-up with Internet leads, walk-in customer leads, and referrals you are receiving through your marketing efforts.  Brad believes that if you develop a good lead generation program and the skill to create customer visits to your store, you will be highly successful!

For more information about setting up a Sales Training Workshop please call Brad at 678-491-7984.