Management Company Responsibility

  1. Provide, recruit, hire, train, review and supervise on-site personnel in accordance with all federal and state employment laws;
  2. Perform all payroll services and invoice direct employee costs to the Facility;
  3. Conduct frequent random and scheduled audits of procedures, self-storage facility performance and truck rental operations;
  4. Establish acceptable procedures for renting self-storage spaces and trucks;
  5. Develop and implement an effective Sales, Marketing and Internet Marketing Program with an attitude of continual and never ending improvement; 
  6. Continually evaluate the competition and make on-going adjustments to become the leader in the marketplace;  
  7. Establish and review all collection of rent guidelines to ensure sale and disposal of delinquent units are processed according to State Law;
  8. Prepare annual budgeted expense and projected income reports and submit to owners for approval;
  9. Coordinate all operations to keep facility performance within accepted budget and income quotas; 
  10. Perform all customer relation services such as rent raises & complaint resolution;
  11. Coordinate and submit all suggested repairs and capital improvements estimated at a cost to exceed $500.00 within a calendar month to the owners for approval;
  12. Oversee and complete any and all partition changes;
  13. Process and pay all operational expenses relating to the operations of the rental operations;
  14. Review real estate taxes and property insurance costs for errors or basis for contest;
  15. Maintain owner’s financial operating accounts, process and pay from account all debt service, real estate taxes, property insurance, owners’ distributions and all applicable taxes;
  16. Provide owners with monthly operating reports and financial statements; and
  17. Provide Owner’s CPA with complete, accurate, and timely information to perform tax preparation.