About Us

Advantage Consulting & Management is the nations leading Self-Storage experts! We own and operate our own facilities and are honored to consult other self-storage business owners on how to make their facility more successful. 

Advantage Consulting & Management is one of the leading providers of self-storage management in the Midwest and Southeastern parts of the United States.  Our goal is to maximize the profits of each and every self-storage operation we manage. This can be accomplished through a continual and never ending improvement in every facet of the operation. Our incredible team will improve the performance of your store through an on-going management and training program in the areas of sales, marketing, and operational effectiveness.

We manage newly developed as well as existing self-storage locations that are looking for a management company that cares about protecting and improving the profitability of their investment. Our goal is to relieve the owner from having to worry about the day-to-day operations while maximizing the return on investment. Every one of our owners receive monthly detailed reports highlighting the key performance indicators of the self-storage operation to help keep them informed of our on-going improvement.

Highlights of Our Management Services
  • Full and complete supervision of all employees
  • On-going staffing and retention of employees
  • Continual operations training for on-going improvement
  • Sales training to improve conversion of callers to renters
  • Marketing training to increase referrals
  • Customer service training to improve customer referrals and repeat customers
  • Complete bookkeeping and bill paying to improve efficiencies
  • Oversight of maintenance and property cleanliness to improve
  • curb appeal
  • Monthly store audits to ensure accuracy and on-going improvement
  • Collections training to improve profitability
  • Develop comprehensive marketing & advertising program to improve performance
  • Handle auction and lien procedures to minimize legal exposure
  • Plus much more...