New to Self Storage

If you are new to self-storage we want to welcome you!  This industry has been one of the fastest growing segments of commercial real estate for the past several years and offers great opportunities in the future.

We have extensive experience in developing new self-storage projects.  This includes everything from concept to completion.  In today’s competitive environment, it is crucial to build and develop a new project with a “retail mentality.”  The self-storage consumer demands a more sophisticated business model in both the curb appeal and the operational aspects of a new location.  We can add great value to your self-storage facility by helping you optimize the design and curb appeal that your customers are looking for.  In addition, we can help you build a business model that is both proven and successful, and can also be duplicated in other markets.  It is important to build and design a self-storage project that will stand out from the competitors.  We can help you achieve this by creating an organizational brand that will set you apart and take your success to the top of the marketplace. 

If you are thinking about launching your first self-storage project and you need some questions answered, or perhaps you have a question about zoning, building layout, unit mix, or simply need advice on how to get started in the research of a new project, we can assist you.  We have over 20 years of experience developing, managing, and operating over 25 self-storage locations.  We also have managed small to large facilities covering a wide range of demographics.  
If you simply have general questions instead such as, “What makes a self-storage facility successful?”  Or you want to brainstorm about your business model or some other aspect of your self-storage operation, we can assist you as well with our phone-consulting program.  This program offers a one or two-hour phone consultation that is ideal for situations like these.  

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