Joint Venture

Joint Venture – Investor Relations
Advantage Consulting & Management is looking for investors to partner with to help finance self-storage facilities in targeted markets that offer strong equity build-up and high cash return potential.  

It has been one of the fastest growing segments of commercial real estate for years.  It offers the potential for high cash returns and strong equity build-up for the investment required.  Advantage Consulting & Management is poised for growth in markets that are under supplied with self-storage.  

We’ve had great success in partnering with investors that have an interest in self-storage, but may not have the knowledge or experience to acquire or build a successful location.   By Joint Venturing with the Advantage Team we can create a “win-win” solution and develop a successful strategy for creating wealth together.  We can offer our expertise in the consulting, feasibility and management aspects of the business.  Once the project is built or acquired, the Advantage Team can handle the on-going management and maximize the net operating income and profitability of the project.  

Advantage Consulting & Management is one of the leading providers of self-storage management in the Midwest and Southeastern parts of the US, and is currently expanding into other parts of the country.  Our bottom line goal is to maximize the profits of each and every self-storage location we manage.  This is accomplished through a continual and never-ending improvement in every facet of the operation.  Our incredible team will improve the performance of your store through an on-going management and training program in the areas of sales, marketing, and operational effectiveness. We manage newly developed, as well as existing self-storage locations that are looking for a management company that cares about protecting and improving the profitability of their investment.  Our goal is to relieve the owner from having to worry about the day-to-day operations while maximizing the return on their investment.  Our management clients receive monthly detailed reports highlighting the key performance indicators of the self-storage operation to help keep them informed of our on-going improvement.