Preliminary Study

If you are not ready to make the decision to invest in a comprehensive feasibility study you might want to consider a preliminary study.  This will help save you money while we evaluate your demographics, market competition, and your site location.  Through this process we may determine there are “red flags” that are significant enough to impact the economic feasibility of your project.  At this point, it is you that makes the determination if you want to continue forward with a feasibility study or not, due to whatever concerns you may have about your location.  
What is beneficial about a preliminary study is that it saves you money if you decide not to proceed with a full study.  However, if you do decide to move forward with the full feasibility study, then you will only pay the difference between the preliminary study and the full feasibility study.   All of the market research that is needed for the feasibility is gathered during the preliminary study.  
It is important to note that Brad North will conduct the preliminary study so he can provide his many years of experience in evaluating a location for self-storage.  He will provide verbal feedback within a few days of his site visit making you aware of all of the positive and negative findings regarding your proposed location.  If you decide not to proceed, Brad will provide you a brief written summary of his findings within a few days of your decision not to move forward.  If you decide to move forward with the feasibility study it will take approximately 15 business days from your decision to move forward with the full study. 
Again, if you have a location you are considering for a feasibility study and are not quite ready to make the investment in a full study then you may want to consider a preliminary study.  The study may be for a new project, which will be built on a vacant piece of land or an existing building you want to convert into a self-storage location.  Either way, a preliminary study may be the best way for you to start the evaluation process. 

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