Marketing Training

In order to achieve long-term success in a self-storage operation you must maximize your marketing program.  It must be comprehensive yet simple and easy to implement, track, and measure.  If developed and carried through properly, it will help to increase rates and maximize net operating income through the creation of referrals and customers finding out about you through your advertising and marketing efforts. 

The marketing program must be a combination of outreach, Internet, advertising, and social media.  The message you convey through all your various means of advertising and marketing must be consistent and in-line with one another.  In addition, it is important that you communicate your sales presentation to the customer in a similar fashion to what you are communicating through your marketing efforts.  

At Advantage Consulting & Management we offer an intensive Marketing Training Workshop.  It is geared to any person that is involved in the marketing of a self-storage operation.  This may be the manager, area manager, marketing director, and/or the owner of the store(s).  It is a hands-on approach that will provide up to date marketing strategies, which will help you to create a steady stream of customers into your location(s).

This training workshop is invaluable if you are looking to increase occupancy, improve rates, create more customer visits, and improve your overall marketing program.  

In this intensive marketing workshop, Brad will equip you to develop a marketing plan that you can develop and implement quickly.  This will help provide a strong return on your marketing dollar and maximize return on your investment.  Brad will teach you how to develop relationships with the key influencers within your community and how to develop a strategic alliance so that they will refer customers on a continual basis.   In addition, he will teach you the latest strategies on search engine optimization, as well as cost effective ways to develop a strong Internet presence that will provide continual customer leads into your store.   He will also share how community events can boost your exposure and provide additional business to your store.  Brad will teach techniques to grow your social media and how this will help to create synergies between all of your marketing efforts.   Lastly, he will share how advertising properly can boost your overall marketing program and improve the performance of your outreach, social media, and Internet marketing programs.   

Brad has worked with self-storage operators throughout the United States and other parts of the world.  He has worked with large multi-store operators and small rural locations with less than 200 units, and everything in between.   He has gained great insight into finding what marketing strategies work and how demographics play a part in the overall marketing program.  In each and every one of his workshops, Brad shares the latest marketing strategies that he is using within his own stores, which has taken his success to the top of the marketplace.  Therefore, everything he teaches in this workshop is tested, tried, and proven in his own self-storage locations. To schedule your marketing workshop call Brad at 678-491-7984 or drop him an email at