Customer Service Is Key To Your Future!
January 23, 2013

Hey everyone.. it's been awhile so I hope all is well in the self-storage world, and that you've had a great start in the new year!

It's the first month of the year and time to plan your goals and objectives for 2013. At Advantage Consulting & Management we are planning on stepping up our customer service.  I believe customer service will be one of the most critical areas that will separate great self-storage operators from average operators.  The self-storage customer has many choices available to them and I believe they are becoming more selective in who they choose to work with.  They are looking for the self-storage operator that will provide great service during the discovery process.  In other words. they want an operator that will educate, build value, and earn their trust.  Yes, this is customer service at its finest!

It is time that you adopt a self-storage management philosophy that centers around customer service!
Warmest Regards,